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Cooperstown Allstar Village

Game DVD

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Order 8 or more games and use discount code DVD8PACK and receive a 10% discount.

There are a lot of variables when trying to watch the DVD's. Here are some.

They are not high definition not everyone has a blue ray player, they are not the same quality as what you can see on your computer screen because they have to be down scaled to work in the DVD format. The DVD's that we send are in the same format as what we have running in the gift shop for everyone to view, that is what you are getting. Now if you try to watch them on a large flat screen and have the screen set to 16:9 aspect ratio they will look blurry and distorted, if you have the wide screen set to stretch it will look even worse. Best format is to set the screen to 4:3 aspect ration and make sure the screen is not set to stretch. Depending on your DVD or Blue ray player that can make the DVD even worse. If watching on a computer or laptop just set the screen resolution as low as you can, because both will distort with a 16:9 ratio monitor which is what most all laptops and desktop screens are today.

Regarding Sound
We do not do a play by play, so therefore there is no reason to have sound.